BioPince™ Full Core Biopsy Instrument

BioPince™ Full Core Biopsy Instrument utilizes our tri-axial core, cut and capture system to harvest diagnostic quality specimens while reducing the risk of crush artifact and tissue fragmentation. A full cylindrical specimen is harvested for clinical diagnosis.

Other features include:

  • Up to 59% more tissue volume than traditional core biopsy devices that use side-notch technology
  • Easy specimen retrieval expels sample when device is re-cocked
  • Variable throw lengths enhance clinical flexibility: 13 mm yields 9 mm specimen length,23 mm yields 19 mm specimen length, or 33 mm yields 29 mm specimen length
  • Ready indicator indicates that the device is cocked and ready to fire
  • Safety button allows locking the device to prevent misfiring
  • Centimeter markings provide reference for depth placement
  • Can be used with echogenic co-axial introducer needles
Product CodeLengthDescriptionUnits per Box
370-1080-0116G x 10 cmoptional co-axial needle MCXS1610BP5
370-1580-0116G x 15 cmoptional co-axial needle MCXS1615BP5
360-1080-0118G x 10 cmoptional co-axial needle MCXS1810BP5
360-1580-0118G x 15 cmoptional co-axial needle MCXS1815BP5
360-2080-0118G x 20 cmoptional co-axial needle MCXS1820BP5
Product CodeLengthDescriptionUnits per Box
MCXS1610BP15G x 6.8 cmco-axial to 370-1080-015
MCXS1615BP15G x 11.8 cmco-axial to 370-1580-015
MCXS1810BP17G x 6.8 cmco-axial to 360-1080-015
MCXS1815BP17G x 11.8 cmco-axial to 360-1580-015
MCXS1820BP17G x 16.8 cmco-axial to 360-2080-015