TLAB® Transjugular Liver Biopsy System

Argon Medical’s TLAB Transjugular Liver Biopsy System is designed to perform consistently in typical and tortuous anatomy, collect quality liver samples, and enhance patient and physician safety.

Key Product Attributes

  • Patented Flexcore® technology helps the needle to conform to the curvature of the sheath and easily navigate to collect samples at typical or acute angles
  • The Tru-Track trocar tip and a fully exposed sample notch combine for a straight needle trajectory and maximum sample yield
  • The sheath includes a safety funnel for quick and easy loading and reloading of the needle while reducing the risk of an inadvertent needle stick
  • Unique swab sticks enable efficient sample removal from the notch while keeping a user’s hands away from the needle
  • A radiopaque band on the tip of the introducer sheath to help visualize the orientation of the sheath in the anatomy
  • Red markings on the needle’s handle and the introducer sheath to ensure proper alignment
  • A black marker band on the needle to demonstrate when the needle is advanced to the end of the sheath
Flexcore® technology allows the needle
to flex in tortuous anatomy

TLAB Transjugular Liver Biopsy Kits include

1 – 18 or 19 ga Biopsy Needle (20 mm throw with 17 mm sample notch)
1 – 7 Fr Introducer Sheath with a Curved Metal Stiffener
1 – 5 Fr Straight catheter (in 18S, 18C, 19S and 19 kits only)
1 – 5 Fr Curved catheter (in 18C and 19 kit only)
4 – Tissue Removal Swabs

Safety Funnel For Safe Needle Loading

TLAB Kit Configurations

Product CodeNeedle SizeSheath w/ Metal StiffenerStraight CatheterCurved CatheterSwabs
TL-18N18 ga7F, 60cm4
TL-18S18 ga7F, 60cm5F, 65cm4
TL-18C18 ga7F, 60cm5F, 65cm5F, 76cm4
TL-19N19 ga7F, 60cm4
TL-19S19 ga7F, 60cm5F, 65cm4
TL-1919 ga7F, 60cm5F, 65cm5F, 76cm4