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Our video library helps you expand your skills and knowledge with product demos, procedural tips and best practices. We continually add new content; check back periodically to stay up to date on the latest innovations from Argon.

Atrieve Vascular Snare
CLEANER15 Rotational Thrombectomy System
Cleaner + OptionELITE
for DVT
Lung Biopsies with 18G Full Core Instruments: Is it Safe and Efficacious?
OptionELITE –
Benenati Presentation at CIRA 2014
OptionELITE –
An Evolved Design
OptionELITE –
Results of a 1000 Patient Study
OptionELITE –
Moving Beyond the Status Quo in IVC Filters
OptionELITE –
Over-The-Wire IVA Filter Delivery Technique
OptionELITE –
Retrievable Venda Cava Filter
Drainage Catheter
Scorpion® Portal Vein Access Series (Needle) –
Revolutionary T.I.P.S. Set
TLAB Procedure Video
TLok Procedure Video

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