Portal Vein Access Series

Unparalleled Steerability Scorpion® and Scorpion®X offer unique ability to navigate tortuous liver anatomy with 360-degree range of motion. Directional handles allow precise directional control of the stiffening cannula and needle/stylet to enter the portal vein and change direction when advancing through the parenchyma. Independently steer the curved needle/stylet and the curved stiffening cannula to expertly maneuver through the vasculature and parenchyma and to change trajectory if necessary.

Key Product Attributes
Greater Procedure Visibility

Scorpion® and Scorpion®X are designed to significantly improve visibility of the components when using fluoroscopy and ultrasound imaging modalities.

  • Alignment marker to help identify when the needle/stylet is flush with the end of PEEK needle/stylet catheter and the stiffening cannula (if applicable).
  • Echogenic tips enable visibility of the needle or stylet on various imaging modalities for easy detection while piercing through liver to portal vein.
  • Radiopaque band on the stiffening cannula provide amplified visibility under fluoroscopy to assist with locating and orienting each component.
Improved Durability

The Scorpion® Series includes durable components helpful when piercing through the parenchyma and advancing through to portal vein.

  • Needle/stylet catheters are constructed of PEEK material instead of traditional PTFE to reduce the risk of fishmouthing and component buckling when advancing through cirrhotic parenchyma.
Versatile Options

Scorpion® is available in stylet and needle offerings to meet physician preference.

  • Scorpion® is available as a .040” curved nitinol stylet
  • Scorpion®X is available as a 17Ga curved nitinol needle
Indications for Use

The Scorpion® Portal Vein Access Sets are intended for transjugular liver access in diagnostic and interventional procedures.

Scorpion® is a trademark of Hatch Medical, L.L.C.
US pat. 8287481, 8628491, 9072596, EP2294177A1, CN201480039268.4

Ordering Information
Catalog Number Product Details
TPS006 13ga x 52cm Stiffening Cannula
8F x 52cm Cannula Sheath
17ga x 73cm Curved Nitinol Needle
6.2F x 71cm PEEK Needle Catheter
5F x 80cm MPA Catheter
TPS005 14ga x 52cm Stiffening Cannula
7F x 52cm Cannula Sheath
0.040” x 73cm Curved Nitinol Stylet
5F x 71cm PEEK Stylet Catheter
5F x 80cm MPA Catheter
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