Pete Stibbs

M.D., Vice President of Global Medical Affairs

Pete Stibbs, M.D., is Vice President of Global Medical Affairs for Argon Medical Devices, Inc. He joined the company in July of 2012 and has responsibility for global clinical education and medical affairs. Dr. Stibbs brings over 22 years of clinical experience focused on invasive and image-guided medical procedures.

Most recently, Dr. Stibbs served as Director of Global Clinical Services and Physician Education at Argon Medical Devices, as well as teaching in academic settings focusing on vascular disease and vascular biology.

Dr. Stibbs holds a Bachelor of Science in Advanced Radiologic Sciences from Weber State University, Master of Business Administration in International Business from Louisiana State University, Master’s in Clinical Trial Sciences and a Doctorate in Medicine and a Doctorate in Health Sciences with a specialty focus in vascular disease from the University of Nottingham/USAT.

Peter Stibbs
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