HSG Catheter Trays

HSG catheters trays are designed for use in hysterosonography or hysterosalpingography procedures.

Key Product Attributes
  • Non-latex, soft, concentric balloon provides secure placement in the uterus or cervical canal and effectively seals to prevent retrograde leakage of saline or contrast media
  • Open-ended, round distal tip is soft and short to minimize trauma to the cervical canal and uterine cavity
  • The distal end-hole design allows for even distribution of saline or contrast media and accepts a .035” or .038” guidewire depending upon French size
  • The malleable introduction sheath retains curvature to facilitate easy placement into the cervical canal
  • Color-coded stopcocks on both catheter lumens: the blue stopcock is for balloon inflation, while the white stopcock is for saline/contrast media infusion
  • Fixed volume syringe prevents over-inflation of the balloon
Ordering Information
Catalog Number Product Size Product Length
660007000 7F 40cm
660005000 5.5F 40cm
Not all SKUs available in every region

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HSG Catheter DFU
HSG Catheter IFU
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