SKATER™ Centesis Catheters

SKATER™ Centesis Catheters are designed for percutaneous fluid aspirations and small volume drainage procedures.

Key Product Attributes
SKATER™ Centesis Catheters Key Product Attributes
  • Needle with echogenic tip for precise placement under imaging
  • Tapered catheter tip ensures good transition between catheter and needle to facilitate smooth insertion
  • Four radial side holes on the catheter facilitate drainage within small cavities
  • Hollow stylet needle permits aspiration of fluid prior to needle removal
  • Vent plug allows air to exit catheter during insertion and protects against fluid leakage
Ordering Information
Catalog Number Product Type Size Length Units Per Box Side Holes
700304007 SKATER Centesis Catheters 4F 7cm Y
700304010 SKATER Centesis Catheters 4F 10cm 5 Y
700304015 SKATER Centesis Catheters 4F 15cm 5 Y
700305007 SKATER Centesis Catheters 5F 7cm 5 Y
700305010 SKATER Centesis Catheters 5F 10cm 5 Y
700305015 SKATER Centesis Catheters 5F 15cm 5 Y
700305020 SKATER Centesis Catheters 5F 20cm 5 Y
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