Vascular Access Sets

V-Stick™ Vascular Access Sets assist in gaining vascular access for the placement of .035” and .038” guidewires into the vascular system using small needle access to reduce puncture site and vessel trauma.

Guidewire (.018” x 40cm)
  • Available in stainless steel or nitinol with seamless wire transition to the radiopaque tip
  • Silicone-coated floppy tip construction provides flexibility during placement
Smooth Trans Co-axial Introducer (3F dilator w/4F or 5F sheath) – Available in two styles: Standard and Stiff
  • Standard (red locking nut) – standard co-axial introducer with smooth transition from inner dilator to outer heath
  • Stiff (white locking nut) – stiff co-axial introducer
UltraSharp Needle (21G x 7cm)
  • UltraSharp, beveled needle reduces drag and eases insertion
  • Available with or without echogenic tip
Ordering Information
Catalog Number Size Units Per Box Guidewire Material With Echogenic Tip Introducer
391504300E 4F 10 Nitinol Y Standard
391505300E 5F 10 Nitinol Y Standard
391505400E 5F 10 Nitinol N Standard
391505000E 5F 10 Stainless Steel Y Standard
391604300E 4F 10 Nitinol Y Stiff
391605300E 5F 10 Nitinol Y Stiff
391605400E 5F 10 Nitinol N Stiff
391605000E 5F 10 Stainless Steel Y Stiff
Not all SKUs available in every region

Product Resources

V-Stick Sell Sheet
V-Stick Sell Sheet – EU
V Stick Vascular Access Set DFU
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