Biopsy Needles

The ACN™ Biopsy Needle is to be used in conjunction with the Pro-Mag™ 2.2 Automatic Biopsy Instrument or other compatible, commercially available biopsy instruments. High quality core biopsy needles provide histological specimens for diagnosis of suspect lesions.

Key Product Attributes
  • A 17mm sample notch ensures sufficient tissue for clinical diagnosis
  • Each needle has an echogenic tip for accurate placement under ultrasound guidance
  • Numerically ordered centimeter markings facilitate depth placement
  • Hubs are color coded for easy gauge size determination
  • Can be used with echogenic co-axial introducer needles
Ordering Information
Catalog Number Size Length Units Per Box Optional Co-Axial Needle
ACN1410AX 14G 10cm 10 MCXS1410AX
ACN1416AX 14G 16cm 10 MCXS1416AX
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