Argo Bagz™

All sets include:
  • 1500 mL PVC bag
  • 72” (183cm) large bore tubing

Catalog NumberLength Units Per BoxDescriptionLarge Bore TubingStopcockSpecial FeaturesAdd to Cart

Fluid Control System Bifurcated

91cm3-way StopcockReflux Valve, Dual Check Cover, Dual Vented Universal Spike

Fluid Control System with Dual Spikes

183cm3-way Stopcock2 Dual Check Cover

Fluid Control System with Non-Vented Chamber and Filter

183cm72in (183cm) Non-vented Chamber, Dual Check Cover

Fluid Control System with Dual Spikes

183cm3-way StopcockDual Check Cover, Vented Universal Spike and Contrast Spike

Fluid Control System with Universal Spike

183cmTubing with clasp, Dual Check Cover, Universal Spike

Fluid Control System with Universal Drip Chamber

183cmDual Check Cover

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