Soft Tissue Disposable Semiautomatic Biopsy Instrument

Lightweight biopsy needle that is easier to maneuver than a wide range of competitive spring-loaded guns. Available in a variety of gauge sizes & centimeter lengths.

Key Product Attributes
  • Spring -Activated Single- Handle Operation.
  • Ideal Lightweight Design For Use In Radiology, CT, Mammography or Ultrasound.
  • Echogenic Tip For Ultrasound Visualization
  • 20mm Specimen Notch
  • Optional Coaxial Needle Available
Ordering Information
Catalog Number Product Size Gauge Product Length
1030-14-9 14G SP 9cm
1030-14-15 14G SP 15cm
1030-14-20 14G SP 20cm
1030-16-9 16G 9cm
1030-16-15 16G 15cm
1030-16-20 16G 20cm
1030-18E-9 18G 9cm
1030-18E-15 18G 15cm
1030-18E-20 18G 20cm
1030-20-9 20G 9cm
1030-20-15 20G 15cm
1030-20-20 20G 20cm
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