Jawz™ Endomyocardial Biopsy Forceps

JAWZ offers a clear-cut approach to better endomyocardial biopsy samples. It is designed to provide higher quality samples with fewer samples required. The portfolio consists of disposables that maintain sharp dual cutting heads and have great design flexibility.

Key Product Attributes
  • Unique cutting-edge design allows superior surface alignment to provide a clean cut with clean margins
  • Precision machined from a proprietary alloy to remain sharp throughout the procedures
  • Designed to deliver higher quality samples with reduced crushed artifact
  • Precision molded to provide a solid “instrument” feel
  • Three-ringed handle fully rotates and maintains desired thumb position
  • Available in Stainless Steel or PTFE Coated and Straight, Pre-Curved and MaxiCurved configurations
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Jawz Sell Sheet
Jawz IFU

Catalog NumberSizeLength Units Per BoxConfigurationStainless Steel/Fep CoatingFormable/Non-formableAdd to Cart
1900207.5F50cm1StraightStainless SteelFormable
1900307.5F50cm1Pre-CurvedFep CoatingFormable
1900317.5F50cm1Maxi-CurvedFep CoatingFormable
1900407.5F105cm1StraightStainless SteelFormable
1900516F50cm1Maxi-CurvedFep CoatingFormable
1900606F50cm1StraightStainless SteelFormable
1900656F50cm1StraightStainless SteelNon-Formable
1900666F70cm1StraightFep CoatingFormable
1900706F105cm1StraightStainless SteelFormable
1900756F105cm1StraightStainless SteelNon-Formable
1900807F50cm1Pre-CurvedFep CoatingFormable
1900817F50cm1Maxi-CurvedFep CoatingFormable
1900857F105cm1StraightStainless SteelFormable
1900867F105cm1StraightFep CoatingFormable
1900905F50cm1StraightStainless SteelFormable
1900955F50cm1StraightStainless SteelFormable

Quality Matters, Always

Through every phase of design, development and production, we maintain uncompromising standards for quality and safety.


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