Specialty Drapes

Our lines of specialty drapes are made from two materials: SMS and Polypropylene.

Key Product Attributes
  • SMS is a laminated synthetic, non-woven material that is strong, soft, stable, and repellent. It has the comfort and draping of linen while repelling fluids like a synthetic material.
  • Polypropylene (poly) is a hydrophobic, strong, semi-soft synthetic material

Catalog NumberLength Units Per BoxDescriptionMaterialAbsorbent PadFenestrationTransparent AreaAdd to Cart
39620498cm x 152cm20

Brachial/Axillary/Cerebral Drape

SMS32in x 34in (81cm x 86cm)3.5in (9cm)
396260101cm x 152cm20

General Purpose Utility Drape

SMS32in x 34in (81cm x 86cm)6.5in x 9in (16cm x 23cm)
39630181cm x 86cm20

Special Procedure

Poly32in x 34in (81cm x 86cm)3.5in (9cm)
39630256cm x 56cm10

Minor Procedure Drape with Ripline

SMS3.5in (9cm)
396303a195cm x 254cm20

Heart Biopsy Drape with Facial Port

SMS32in x 34in (81cm x 86cm)3.5in (9cm)
397100195cm x 318cm20

EPD Pacing Drape

Poly22in x 125in (56cm x 318cm)6in x 6.75in (15cm x 17cm)22in x 125in (56cm x 318cm)
397101191cm x 400cm20

EPD Pacing Drape – Long

Poly22in x 150in (56cm x 400)6in x 6.75in (15cm x 17cm)22in x 125in (56cm x 318cm)
397201195cm x 318cm20

Pacing Drape

SMS32in x 44in (81cm x 112cm)6in x 6.75in (15cm x 17cm)

Quality Matters, Always

Through every phase of design, development and production, we maintain uncompromising standards for quality and safety.


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