Bone Marrow Aspiration “I” Type Needle

The ergonomically designed handle, combined with the ground cannula & stylet points, provide clinician comfort while easily penetrating hard bone. Safe aspirations at the sternum can be performed by adjusting the needle stop to control the depth of penetration.

Key Product Attributes
  • Luer lock connector on the handle for secure syringe attachment.
  • An adjustable needle stop safely controls depth of penetration.
Ordering Information
Catalog Number Size Length Handle Type
8020-15R-5 15G 5cm Twist Lock Handle
8020-15R-10 15G 10cm Twist Lock Handle
8030-15R-5 15G 5cm Non-locking Contour Handle
8030-15R-10 15G 10cm Non-locking Contour Handle
8030-16R-5 16G 5cm Non-locking Contour Handle
8030-16R-10 16G 10cm Non-locking Contour Handle
8030L-15R-5 15G 5cm Locking Contour Handle
8030L-15R-10 15G 10cm Locking Contour Handle
8030L-16R-5 16G 5cm Locking Contour Handle
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