SKATER™ Introducer Sets

The SKATER™ Introducer Set provides easy, accurate and atraumatic placement of a .035”/.038” guidewire in non-vascular procedures.

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What’s Included In Each Set?
SKATER™ catheter
Removable pigtail straightener
Metal stiffening cannula
Flexible stiffening cannula (Not available on 6F and 7F)
Locking system with snap-off tab (Not available on non-locking pigtail catheters)
Catalog NumberUnits Per BoxGuidewire DiameterGuidewire LengthNeedle GaugeNeedle LengthGuidewire MaterialCo-Axial SizeGuidewire SizeNeedle TypeAdd to Cart
6514060005.018 in80cm21G15cmStainless Steel6Fx26cmTrocar
6514063005.018 in80cm21G15cmNitinol6Fx26cmTrocar
6543062005.018 in80cm21G15cmNitinol6Fx26cminclude .035inch x 150 cm Amplatz GWTrocar
6554060005.018 in80cm21G15cmStainless Steel6Fx26cmChiba Needle

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