Hawkins™ Blunt Needle

Access System

Hawkins Blunt Needles offer sharp and blunt stylets for controlled access in percutaneous drainage procedures.

Key Product Attributes
  • Provides a lightweight method of targeting, remaining in place while position is confirmed
  • The adjustable needle stop localizes the outer cannula to the target, preventing forward migration
  • The outer cannula has an echogenic tip, promoting accurate placement under ultrasound guidance
  • Numerically ordered centimeter markings on the outer cannula provide reference for depth placement
  • Accommodates most guidewires, biopsy needles, and biopsy instruments
Ordering Information
Catalog Number Size Length Units Per Box
218157 18G 15cm 5
218207 18G 20cm 5
218107 18G 10cm 5
Not all SKUs available in every region

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